Learn How to Boost Someone’s Self-Confidence

Everyone needs a boost in confidence from time to time. The difficult part could be when someone you care about is struggling with low confidence. If you have someone in your life who needs some encouragement then this article is exactly what you need. Here, I will discuss everything you need to know on how to boost someone’s confidence

There are certain things you can do to boost their confidence. This not only puts you in a favorable position with them but also is just a nice thing to do for someone.  

One of the most effective ways to boost someone’s confidence is through validation and sincere compliments. For example, if a colleague has been working on a project, you can compliment them on their work. A close friend had a minor setback. Why not give words of encouragement that they can pull through it?

Apart from this, there are more ways you can cheer someone up to help them see their worth and build confidence. These skills can improve your interpersonal skills and strengthen your relationships for sure. Let us dive into how you can achieve that. 

How Do You Show Someone Their Worth?

Life can be a rollercoaster ride with its ups and downs and everyone is dealing with their problem in their very own way. For some, those hurdles can bear down harder than others. This may cause them to lose their sense of self-worth.

Seeing someone losing their self-worth is just as heart-wrenching from both sides. Living life with a high sense of self-worth is very healthy, both mentally and physically. Especially in children, instilling a high sense of self-worth in their early years is crucial.  

However, not everyone has a sense of high self-worth. Here is the good news – you can help others raise their self-worth if you know the right things to do.

This can make you a better leader and also a better friend. Both of which are nice to be, aren’t they? Here are some tips to show someone their worth. 

Listen to Them

Sometimes, whether knowingly or unknowingly, we fail to listen to people closely. This may leave the other side feeling unheard and unappreciated. Simply listening to what they say and acknowledging their points can be of huge help.

It can make them feel like they are making an impact and are contributing some value. This tip works both in a professional environment and also in personal relationships. So listen to others when they have something to say.

Although, remember to genuinely listen to what others have to say. Pretending to listen while you are not might do more harm than good.

Tell them how you feel about them

Expressing how you feel towards a person you care about can be a great tip to show someone their worth. There does not need to be a reason for you to show affection. It can be out of the blue. In fact, I believe it is better if the words of affection sometimes come out of the blue. 

The small details are important

People are pretty interesting. More often than not, the smallest of gestures can leave a lasting impression. Pay attention to the small things and the minor details. And I cannot stress this enough. 

For a loved one, why not send a good morning message when you wake up. If it is a professional acquaintance, ask them how their work is going. If they happen to share a personal story with you, follow up on that. 

Little small things like these can make someone’s day and do absolute wonders for their self-worth. So, just to reiterate, pay attention to the small details. 

4 Effective Things to Say to Boost Someone’s Confidence

Alright, this is what you are here for. Confidence is a tricky subject. Confidence can come down and increase for everyone. That is just a fact of life. However, having said that, being confident is a very healthy way to live anyway.  

There are some simple, yet powerful things you can say that should give you a clear idea on how to boost someone’s confidence. 

You can do this

If someone is not confident in their ability to perform a task or is struggling, saying “you can do this” will give them a confidence boost. It shows you trust in them and their ability.

I am proud of you

These five words are somewhat magical. Telling someone you are proud of them, instantly works for their favor. They feel at ease and have a sense of accomplishment. A very powerful statement to say indeed.

I love you, regardless

At certain times, it is the fear of failing that might hold someone back. Not being able to deliver what is expected of them and the repercussions of that can be very daunting. 

Mentioning words that give others a sense of relief that you care for them regardless if they fail or not is effective for a confidence boost.

Be yourself, you are enough

This is perhaps one of the best life advice you can give. You see, true confidence comes from being completely content with who you are. Encouraging others to be themselves and that is what they should do, at all times leaves an impression. 

It is good for their long-term confidence and boosts their self-esteem as well.

3 Things to Say to Someone Struggling with Self-worth

The same applies to someone who is struggling with self-worth too. You can make their day by uttering simple words of affection and appreciation to increase their sense of self-worth. As mentioned before, be sure to say words you mean.

Sincere words of appreciation are undeniably much better than fake words just for the cause. 

You are gorgeous

Acknowledging someone’s effort in making themselves look presentable might be the only thing they needed that day. This goes without saying though, use these words where appropriate and maintain professional decorum. 

Believe in yourself

This ties in with the notion of allowing people to be confident in who they truly are. Saying someone to believe in themselves encourages them to accept themselves and thrive in their own skin.

You deserve all that is good

People who have low self-esteem, might not see themselves deserving of success or anything good. By eradicating this notion for themselves, you instantly help them see what their worth is and they are indeed deserving of the best. Just as everyone else is.

How Can I Boost My Friend’s Self-esteem?

If a personal friend is suffering from low self-esteem, one of the best ways to deal with the issue is to help rediscover themselves. Encouragement, support and actionable advice should do the trick.

  1. Redirect their focus and energy

Why not redirect their focus and energy to something more productive? Instead of letting them drown in their sorrow, you can advise them to use the energy in something productive and learn new skills and such. 

A sense of progress in personal development can help a tremendous amount when it comes to one’s self-worth.

2. Get them into more self-care

Self-care is recommended for everyone. I would even go further and say it is absolutely necessary. Advising a friend to prioritize self-care will slowly condition themselves to love them more and more.


Now that you know how to boost someone’s confidence, you can bring joy to the people you know and love. Paying heed to the small stuff and acknowledging their contribution is one the best ways you can boost someone’s confidence and self-worth.

I hope this article helped you lot to get your answer. Now, thanks for stopping by.

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