How To Deal With Rejection From A Guy You Like? Healthy Ways To Cope With Rejection

7.6 Billion People! But we still end up choosing the person we can’t have with us, weird, right? Well, the fact is, if you are stuck in a place and not allowing yourself to move on from a guy who rejected you. Then you are just stopping yourself from finding the love and happiness you deserve. So, you need to find out how to deal with rejection from a guy you like.

To deal with rejection, the first and foremost thing a girl needs to do is accept rejection positively. Secondly, she should be mentally stable enough to get over the guy. If needed, she can take help from a counselor. Slowly, physical involvement in activities like traveling, exercise, etc., will keep her busy and help her move on to get back to normal life.

It is never easy to move on from heartbreaks. It kills a person from inside. If you are looking for a step-by-step guideline, this article is right for you. It’s time to heal your wounds. 

Accepting the Fact of Rejection

First, you need to accept that the guy doesn’t have the same feelings for you, and it is okay.  There are different kinds of people. All of their choices are different, and demands are different; the way they see life is different. So the more you will try to convince them, the more you will feel embarrassed. 

Accept his decision, and respect it. Don’t argue or don’t try to stalk him about what he is doing. It will just lower your image in front of him. If you positively accept it, it will show how matured and self-sufficient you are.  And thus he will be respectful and friendly towards your feelings too. 

How to Deal with Rejection Mentally

If you are mentally strong, you can fight any battle of life. No matter how small or big it is! It’s time to show that you can move on as well. Since romanticism has a very strong connection with your mind, you have to deal with your mind first. 

Though, it ultimately depends on how you feel comfortable making the first step to fix your mental state. But I can suggest some most effective ways that can help you deal with rejection mentally:

Diverting Mind

 If you are constantly thinking about him or why he rejected you, it won’t help. You have to divert your mind and concentrate somewhere else. 

Especially, focus on the things you love. Make a list. And start doing them. It will keep your mind busy. Also, give explicit instruction to yourself that no matter how hard it is, you will not overthink and won’t give up. 

Thinking positively

You should take the rejection as positively as you can. There is nothing like you have problems, or you are not perfect for the guy. There is nothing wrong about you. Try to think positively. Suppose you are shopping, and you selected a dress that is not in your size. Do you quit shopping and leave the place? No, you start finding a better one. 

And now you are more conscious about the size and other preferences. It helps to make a perfect choice for you. Rejection from a guy you like can be pretty similar in this case. If you can allow yourself to forgive and move on with a simple dress, then why can’t you do the same thing for such an important matter of your life? 

Sharing Feelings

Sharing your problems with the right people always helps. Just talking to someone who understands your feelings can solve half of your problem. 

If you are an introvert and keep things just to yourself, it can cause depression. So share your concerns with someone you are comfortable to talk to. 


If you think you need help from a professional, you can consult a good psychiatrist. When you can visit a doctor for physical illness, why can’t you seek help in case of mental sickness? It’s also an essential part of your body. Counseling is an excellent way to deal with your mental dilemmas. 

Sometimes doctors prescribe medications that improve your condition. So, if you think it would be better for you to take help from the experts, go for it. There are more advanced and available helplines you can consult from home. If you don’t want to go in person, you can visit online websites for counseling as well. 

Be kind to yourself

Lastly, don’t blame or pressurize yourself for anything. Give yourself time. Time is the best healer. Be kind to yourself. Don’t do anything that might hurt you. If you can’t absorb the feelings in you, let it come out. It is okay not to be okay sometimes. But you will be fine if you are kind and patient with yourself. 

Once you are mentally independent and start healing little by little, you will enjoy your life again. And it’s very important not to depend on someone else for your own happiness. You have to be self-sufficient and optimistic.

How to Deal with Rejection Practically

After making yourself mentally a little better, you should start normalizing yourself with the outside world as well. To deal with a rejection practically, you can follow these simple steps and shorten your healing period.

Keeping yourself busy

Try to keep yourself busy with some activity that you actually enjoy doing. It can be anything, such as cooking, tennis, reading, dancing, or anything you like. 

If you keep doing something, your mind will be busy with that. And you won’t think about the guy constantly. It will help you to get over him.


It may sound a little irrelevant, but trust us; morning exercises are the best solution to change your mental and physical states. It helps you to be determined and set a goal. You will feel more confident and optimistic after regular exercises. 

It might take time to adjust to your daily schedule or procrastination, but it’s an effective way to heal.

Learning something new

It can be challenging, but if you focus on learning something new, you will explore new things about yourself. Not only that, it will make you feel better if you get skilled in something new. It will also create new opportunities for you, and you will be able to meet new people too.

Traveling or planning a vacation

Traveling is the best solution to deal with any kind of problem. It refreshes your mind. It will distract you from the issues that you are trying to forget. 

Also, it is always fun exploring new places and meeting new people. So planning a vacation is the best kind of solution for heartbroken people.

Meeting with new people

People come and go. If you want to leave something behind, you will have to make room for new people in your life. 

Also, meeting new people mean new stories, a new journey and new experiences. You can find someone who can connect your feelings and understands you. It will help you to move on faster.


Last but the most important one is self-pampering. Put yourself always as your first priority. Sometimes only thinking about you and being selfish isn’t wrong if it is not hurting anyone. Take decisions as you feel like. Eat your favorite foods, watch movies, go to spas and go shopping, do whatever makes you happy. Self-pampering is the best therapy to fix anyone’s mood.

In the first few days, it might seem a little difficult to start these tasks. But taking a tiny, baby step will help you to move on faster. And little by little, your wounds will get healed.


I hope these methods help you to know how to deal with rejection from a guy you like. Now, you can be happy and enjoy your life again. Life is not cruel. It just lost track sometimes. We have to patiently deal with every problem that comes in our way. 

And we have to keep moving to be back right on track. Don’t let anyone ruin your happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy! You know you only live once!

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