Here’s How to Tell Your Ex You Miss Him Over Text (7 Tips)

It is not unnatural to miss someone you were once in love with or dated. And even though it sounds like a bad idea, when you miss your ex-boyfriend, you will sometimes feel the urge to talk to him or inform him about it over text. But, how to tell your ex you miss him over text? 

Even without saying it directly, you can try to reconnect by asking how he is doing. You can always share a memory or a throwback picture. If you two ended on good terms, you can send him a meme or even congratulate him on his latest achievement. You can also pretend to have seen him somewhere, just to start a conversation and express your feelings. 

If you plan to go through with this while shuffling between right and wrong, read this article as I’ve got your back! I have got some tips on what to text your ex when you want to tell him that you miss him. 

Ways to Tell Your Ex You Miss Him Through Text: 7 Tips

The tips I mention below depend on how your breakup was with your ex. If the breakup was mutual and not toxic, these tips might work well with you. Keep reading.

1. Try to Reconnect- Text Asking How He’s Doing

It is often seen that exes ask each other how they are doing casually. You can do that too. Start with “How are you?” and depending on his reply or when he asks you back, you can continue the conversation. If the breakup was recent and he took it hard, his concern towards you will also be transparent. That way you know he understands where you’re coming from. 

When you are showing him concern, asking about how his days are passing, how his health is, his financial state, office affairs- all this will indicate that you are missing his presence in your life. And chances are high that he will understand it clearly. 

2. Text About a Shared Happy Memory

One easy way to start a conversation is by sharing a happy memory from the days of your relationship. Men often forget small details, but they do remember the exceptional ones. When you share those exceptional memories, he will understand that you look back on your time together. 

You can send an old photo of you two or anything that meant something in your relationship once. It can be a gift he gave which you still keep with you or photographs from a trip you two had. When you express how you cherish those memories and still hold onto his given gifts, it will be a clear sign for him that you miss him. 

Reminiscing old memories always indicates that someone is recalling and missing those times. If he feels the same about those memories, then consider your message conveyed.  

3. Send Him a Meme

Banter is always an effective way to reconnect. You already know how memes have created an entire cycle of spreading laughter among people. And a mutual breakup sometimes bears no hard feelings or hostility. And in that case, if you were to ever communicate with your ex, it does not feel heavy or forced but feels like you two are friends.

Well, then you can send him a joke or meme. Sharing funny stories and images are also ways to tell him you miss him. Moreover, the fact that you thought about him when you found a meme and shared it with him will let him know that you think of him. If he was sad, it might even make his day.

4. Congratulate Him on His Achievements

If you are missing him, let me guess, you probably stalk him too. Thus, you know what is happening in his life or are aware of the milestones. You can take this opportunity and congratulate him. As you acknowledge his achievements after your breakup, he will know that you still care about his accomplishments.

Whether he was expecting anything from you or not, it will come as a surprise for him. Even if he does not show it, he misses you too, and receiving praises from you will boost his confidence as it did during your time together.

5. Pretend to Have Seen Him Somewhere

If you have no legit excuse to text him, then pretend to have seen him somewhere. You can start by saying, “Hey, good to see you smiling,” or “It was nice seeing you today.”. He will reply asking about it, and you two will get a chance to speak.

If he figures out that you were initiating a conversation, it might be embarrassing for you, but he will know why you did it. Mentioning how nice it was seeing him will also make him understand that you think about him.

6. Tell Him How Sad You Have Been Since the Breakup

This is a simple yet effective way to let your ex-boyfriend know that you miss him. It will hit the target right, and he will understand that you are indicating how you were in a better state when you two were together. It is an indirect yet very transparent way to express your feelings about his absence. 

Even without saying “I miss you,” you are lining up your situation for him to empathize with. If he misses you too, then your conversation will proceed perhaps with back-to-back consolation or sweet small talks. 

7. Just Tell Him that You Miss Him

Lastly, you can just take the simplest route and simply say that you miss him. Maybe let him know about how his absence has been miserable for you and you really want to make things right again.

The best way to approach the people we want to be with is being truthful about our feelings. If he truly loves you and understands you then be sure that he’ll get back with you. And if not, then maybe you deserve better.

Should You Be Texting Your Ex That You Miss Him?

If you think you are missing him too much and it is bottling up inside you, you can go ahead and express it. If you were comfortable with him and still are, telling him you miss him might just not be the worst thing to do. Perhaps sharing with him will lighten your burden and help you get rid of the sadness. 

Missing someone does not always have to emerge from sadness. It can be through good memories. If your ex was an understanding person in your life, you do not need to calculate too much to let him know that you miss him. It will not be a big deal and can just be a casual greeting or goodbye. If this is your situation, then yes, you should go ahead and text him.

Nevertheless, communicating with your ex in any case is considered a bad move. It is always better to never linger in an environment you left behind. Whether you have a good relationship with your ex or a bad one, it is better to keep your feelings to yourself to make progress in the breakup.

Consider the level of how overwhelmed you feel about it and whether he has someone new in his life or not. If that’s so, you should not tell him how much you miss him, even if it gets hard for you. 


Now, you know how to tell your ex you miss him over text. It makes people conscious of whether they will be perceived the wrong way. But remember, thinking about a person from your past is not wrong. All you need to do is assess whether you should go ahead with expressing it. 

If you think it is okay to do so, then I hope with the help of these simple tips as mentioned in this article, you get to convey your message to him. 

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