When You Ignore A Guy How Does He Feel? (Understanding Men)

Ignoring people is often preferred over disagreements and fights. As casual as it is for those who do it, some people who get ignored end up suffering from emotions. When a woman chooses to ignore a guy in her life for whatever reason, it provokes all kinds of thoughts in the guy’s mind. So, when you ignore a guy how does he feel?

He might get worried about whether he has done something wrong. Guys may stress and feel demotivated, insecure and even unworthy. Some may feel heartbroken and perhaps have anxiety attacks as well. They may also feel insulted and start ignoring you too.

Guys are pretty good at hiding their internal emotions. That’s why it’s even a common misconception that males are not as sensitive emotionally as females. But, in reality that is not the case. And some guys can be even more sensitive. In this article, I will talk about all the possible emotions a guy might go through when you ignore them.

How Do Guys Feel When Ignored?

A guy will feel many emotions when he is ignored. And these emotions can lead to unexpected consequences that you might rather avoid. As I’ve mentioned just earlier, men have a reputation of having an iron heart. But they can actually go through a number of emotions when they are ignored. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

He Might Worry That He Has Done Something Wrong

When a woman gets tired of communicating what bothers her about her man, she chooses to become cold and distant. As it is a common method applied, most men are used to wondering whether they have done something wrong to make her upset. 

If your man is serious about you, he will become anxious about what he might have done to hurt you. He will worry and access everything he did up until the time you started to ignore him. 

He Might Feel Demotivated

If he is a sentimental person, getting ignored will hamper his confidence. Whether it is in love life, friendship, or even career, he will get afraid of taking any step as he will fear rejection. During a bad day, he will recall every person who has grown distant from him and it will further ruin his confidence. 

He might end up not continuing regular life activities due to sadness that has demotivated his urge to do good things in life. 

Insecure, Unworthy and Anxious

Feeling insecure and unworthy is another branch of demotivation. When a girl ignores a guy, he starts to question if he was ever worthy of having her or being in her life. Along with those feelings, insecurities invade his mind. He finds faults in himself and feels like he deserved to be ignored. 

If he is an emotional person who finds it hard to communicate his concerns, he will break down. Due to the fear of ruining things further, he might not even approach you to fix things. 

It is not common knowledge but men suffer from anxiety attacks too. They are just better at hiding it. But when a guy falls in love, getting cut off from the one they have feelings for can give him anxiety attacks. 

He feels scared and anxious all the time, worrying if his girlfriend will leave him. Every move in life will make him apprehensive and conscious. He might not even make any move at all, just because he fears the same consequences.

Betrayed, and Even Revengeful

Besides the sad sentiments, a guy might even feel betrayed when you ignore him. 50% of men are known to be quick to anger. His anger will only let him concentrate on how you are treating him. And instead of empathizing with the situation and trying to fix it, he starts to think about how he was played and feels angry.

If a guy is immature, getting ignored will insult him. Most men are known to be outraged when insulted. When he perceives getting disregarded as an offense, he will feel revengeful. Even if it was his fault and he knows why you are ignoring him, his inability to understand his mistake will take his mind into a more negative reaction.

However, in some cases, even when a guy is affectionate, respects his girlfriend, and loves dearly, the girl might choose to ignore him either way. All that just because he is clingy or because she feels suffocated. It is only natural for a guy to feel betrayed in that scenario.

Like a Failure

If a guy is sentimental, he will think of himself as a failure when you ignore him. He will feel like he fell short at keeping you happy. The more you get distant, he will keep questioning his ability to have long-term relationships or a life partner. It is the same case if you have a guy friend. Ignoring him will make him feel abandoned and a failure at keeping friends. 

If he is too clingy and you decide to keep a distance because you prefer space, he will not understand but fear you leaving him. If your purpose is to push him away, and it will work. He might even doubt that you have someone new and do not want him anymore.

How Do Guys Act When They Feel Ignored?

Along with the feelings, a guy’s reaction and behavior are likely to change too. How a guy decides to perceive the treatment he gets depends on his thought process and his ability to control his reactions.

If he cares, he will become clingy and observant about his actions. He will become obsessed with trying to avoid doing things that make you upset and aloof with him. He will communicate and try to fix things.

If a guy is egoistic but considers you an essential part of his life, he might start to ignore you back to get your attention instead. He will turn the tables on you. Perhaps you did it to teach him a harmless lesson. But if you adore him, you might end up fixing things yourself when he starts to ignore you. It is a trick he will apply to avoid apologizing.

On the other hand, if a guy is self-absorbed and does not care about you enough, he will let it be. If he is arrogant, he will ignore you too and maintain his ego. He will not flinch and neither try to fix things with you. He becomes cold and distant as he concentrates more on how you are treating him, not on what caused it.

Can Playing Hard to Get Make Him Want You More?

Of course! It is an effective way. As per most women, guys start becoming less attentive and affectionate when they get involved in a committed relationship compared to how affectionate they were before it began. This common complaint and reputation often make a girl ignore a guy to make him realize her worth.

Constant attention from a girl often leaves a guy oblivious of the consequences of his carefree nature. And as women tend to be more affectionate and expressive in general, when they start to ignore a guy in their life, he is likely to start valuing the relationship more.  


So, when you ignore a guy how does he feel? To sum it up, a guy feels all kinds of emotions when ignored just like women do. Feeling worried and upset; like a failure and insecure are just as common as feeling angry and betrayed. 

I hope this article has benefited you in understanding men and what goes on in their minds when ignored. Thanks for reading and until next time, farewell.

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