What To Tell A Girl When She’s Bored To Cheer Her Up?

It is challenging to know how to react to someone when she tells you that she is bored in this day and age! Most of us don’t have enough time in the day to get through what we need to do, so if she is bored, then she must be out of things to do or is just feeling sad and alone. Luckily, most girls will cheer up quickly when they get the attention they need or find something that they like to occupy their time.

What you can tell a girl when she is bored to cheer her up.

  • You have me
  • I love your sense of humor
  • You take my breath away
  • Your smile is magical
  • You are my sunshine
  • Counting the time until I see you again
  • My day begins with you on my mind and ends with you in my dreams
  • You are gorgeous

By sending a quick text message or taking the time out of your day to call her and to tell her that you miss her, you can do wonders for her mood! While there are many small gestures that you can make to cheer her up, sometimes you may have to make a grand gesture to lift her spirits. What better way to show you how much you care than by dropping everything and coming to her emotional rescue when she needs it?

Things You Can Say To A Girl To Cheer Her Up

Cheering someone else up can be a challenge! There are various reasons for someone to feel sad, so attempting to cheer them up can be time-consuming and could take some organizing! On the other hand, sometimes all it could take is a simple conversation or a word or two over a text message to change her mood and cheer her up.

Girls love to hear sweet and cute things, so try and express your true feelings when trying to cheer her up.

So here is what a guy can tell a girl when she is bored and needs some cheering up.

Things You Can Do To Make Her Smile

You probably won’t be able to spend the entire day with her, but there are things that you can do for her to make her smile all day and to look forward to seeing you at the end of it! Whether she is your best friend or lover, she could do with a bit of TLC now and then, especially when she is having a hard time or is having to cope with a tedious job.

Try these to cheer her up and make her smile!

  • Send her secret notes on her phone. For example, save messages that will appear throughout the day, set the alarm to go off at different times, and she will get the message to read!
  • Send her an E-card via e-mail. Receiving a hilarious card in her inbox will bring a breath of fresh air to her day.
  • Bring her flowers for no reason. Better yet, have them delivered to her office or home.
  • Send a cab to collect her from work at the end of the day. After a long hard day, she will be floored by your kind gesture!
  • Write something special on her Facebook wall. Then, she will smile all day long!
  • Record a personalized voice note and send it to her. Tell her anything cute and funny that she can listen to over and over.
  • Send her links to cute YouTube videos. Puppies, kittens, anything cute and cuddly will lift her mood!
  • Send her a goofy text message to remind her that you think she is incredible! Having a wonderful message on her will guarantee a smile every time she thinks of the message and you!
  • Send her an inspirational quote to show her that you are thinking of her!

What You Should Consider Before Planning A Fun Event For A Girl

If you plan a special event for a girl, you should make sure that she will enjoy the surprise! Speak to her friends or family and find out what they suggest as they have probably known her longer than you and should be able to advise you on what could be an absolute no-no!

If you are planning a unique, romantic outing for the two of you, make sure that you consider her likes and dislikes and put your ideas aside – this is an outing for her, not for you!

If you are going to include all her friends and yours, by all means, make a big gesture, but be considerate to her needs. For example, she may not like a massive party if she is very quiet and introverted, but she may enjoy a simple picnic in the park with a few close friends.

So, consider these steps when planning a fun event for a girl.

1. What Is Your Budget?

Are you going big and expensive or small and intimate? After deciding on the type of event you are planning, i.e., a party for all your friends combined, or a small party for two, you will need to figure out the costs.

The costs can range from paying for the venue, drinks, food, and entertainment, to only paying for specific items with your friends helping out with food and drinks, etc. You might decide to spend all your money on a fabulous time for the two of you, no friends invited!

2. What Is The Location?

Again, this will be determined by what type of event you are arranging. For example, a big bash may need a hired venue, whereas a picnic in the park could be arranged quickly without any costs.

3. Who Is Invited?

All your friends and hers could be invited to a big event, but a smaller intimate affair could be arranged for a few friends or even for just the two of you.

4. What Is The Date?

This is the most crucial step in your event planning. Make sure that she is available on the date that you have arranged the surprise for.  If you need to, get her friends to mark the date off in her diary under the pretense that they have arranged an outing that she is invited to.

Arrange the date around any other important holidays, so the venue or location is available when you need it. For example, Valentine’s day is not a great date to arrange a special event for your girl as the venues will either be fully booked or will cost an absolute fortune!

5. Do You Need Help?

If you are planning a big event, enlist the help of two or three of her best friends and rope in a few of your own. The more hands you have to help, the easier the event will be to organize.

If the outing is only for the two of you, you may need some help from her friends to help out with the surprise.


While a girl can become bored very quickly, she will soon cheer up with a few small gestures! So finding out what her likes and dislikes are will help you always have a word, joke, or a hug ready for when she needs cheering up!

Being her friend and sending her messages of encouragement on difficult days is often the only thing that a girl needs to cheer her up!

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